Part of marketing your Richmond rental home is setting an accurate rental price. When renting out your unit, you can’t create a property listing without doing so since you need to post the rental rate when advertising vacant units. Before you assign a rental fee, you need to review several factors to ensure that it’s an optimal rental rate to attract more potential tenants and earn a consistent rental income.

Keep reading to learn how to accurately price your Richmond rental property!

Factors for Pricing Comparison

One of the most effective strategies to work out the correct rental fee is knowing how much your competitors are pricing their rentals for. Make sure to pick similar property types with the same amenities. You can base your comparison on:


Is the rental unit you’re keeping tabs on located in the same Richmond neighborhood? You need to be careful in terms of areas since neighborhoods that have a premier reputation can be in high demand, resulting in steeper rental fees. These rental units may also offer convenient amenities, such as access to transportation hubs, attractions, and giant shopping malls.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

You should only compare Richmond rental homes with properties the offer same number of bedrooms and bathrooms as yours. This will give you a more accurate price estimate. 

Single-family Homes vs Multi-family Homes

Single-family rental homes are typically priced higher since they offer more privacy and space compared to multi-family rental homes.

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New Construction vs Old Construction

If your Richmond rental home is new, it can draw more potential tenants so you should set a higher rental fee. Renters like staying in units with new home systems and facilities and are willing to pay more for them.

Sourcing Comparables

Landlords can find many sources for comparison of rental homes, such as:

Online Ads 

Research online and find popular property listing sites like Zillow. Narrow down a number of Richmond rental homes to track. Study which units are occupied straight away and which ones continue to be vacant for weeks and note if there were adjustments their rent prices.


You may also want to do a physical property viewing. What makes this strategy advantageous is you can see the real condition of the rental unit. You can also ask the landlord several questions and determine the level of interest for the rental unit.

Property Management Company

A great source can be a property management company since they have more solid industry experience. A lot of property management firms offer a rent price analysis that can work in your favor.

Where Price Adjustment Should Rely On

If you decide to apply a flat rate for all your rental units, you may not benefit from the opportunity to earn more. Review different factors like views, renovations, and property size before assigning a rental rate. 

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Ask these essential questions before assigning a rate:

  • What are the available views provided by your Richmond rental property? Scenic nature views are worth more.
  • What property renovations have you carried out? Among the top desired amenities are hardwood flooring, energy-efficient appliances, and improved bathrooms and kitchens.
  • What is the size of your Richmond rental unit? The larger the square footage, the more tenants are willing to pay.
  • What extra amenities are you providing? Tenants are open to paying more if your rental contains a lot of storage spaces, a designated parking spot or outdoor spaces.

Profitable Earnings Result from Correct Rent Price Setting

It’s crucial to earn a profit as a landlord in Richmond. You should be able to pay off your operational costs. Standard expenses are maintenance and repairs, utility bills if you’re in charge of them and mortgage payments.

Avoid over-investment and ensure that you’re taking advantage of benefits, such as tax deductions and regular direct profits. Though it takes time to reap profits, make sure you aren’t operating at a loss or simply breaking even.

Viewing Requests from Potential Renters

Notice if you received plenty of viewing requests for your Richmond rental home. If the number is lower than anticipated, consider adjusting the rental fee. If your rental unit is overpriced then you may experience problems of attracting potential tenants. Your amenities and location must justify the rental rate. 

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Market Demand Directs the Right Rent

Setting the rental price of your Richmond rental home isn’t a one-time thing. You need to adjust it periodically, depending on market demand, the economy, and your competition. Remember that rising inflation can result in renters seeking out smaller apartments to ensure they can afford the rental.

What’s more, you want to check if new infrastructure are added to your neighborhood. Are more local businesses opening? Are new developments taking place? If the answers to these questions are yes, you can consider increasing the rental fee for your Richmond rental property.

Now, if the rental demand decreases, you want to dial down the rental rate to protect your occupancy rates. Vacant Richmond rental units can be costly and pose more risks. You want to protect your rental income and limit tenant turnovers as much as possible. Furthermore, you should prioritize the safety of your renters and create a habitable space to retain tenants for the long term.

Remain updated with the news to know when to make the rental price adjustments of your Richmond rental home. Your goal is to generate optimal returns from your real estate investment.

Bottom Line

Landlords should be meticulous when analyzing and setting the rental rate of their properties. They can check out their competitors in the same neighborhood, book a property tour, or research online. 

Another excellent strategy is to hire a trusted property manager to ensure an accurate rental fee is set. If you’re looking for a professional property manager, contact Keyrenter Richmond today!