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Are you searching for a reputable property management firm in Bon Air? At Keyrenter Property Management Richmond, we provide full-service property management!

Our property management services have been refined to better suit the demands of landlords so that they can remain informed while also having faith that qualified experts are making their investment a success.

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We are a full-service property management company that looks after a big portfolio of different asset types such as commercial structures, single-family homes, and multi-unit apartments. Our highly qualified staff of expert property managers is committed to preserving your property’s value at all times.

Our Keyrenter Property Management Richmond team has the knowledge and experience to guarantee that your rental property is well-maintained and that you ultimately receive the most returns on your investment. Whether you need help with property marketing, tenant screenings, financial report, rent collection, or more, our team has you covered.

Our property management company offers the most informed, considerate, and expert customer service. To find out how we can help you manage your investment property, contact us today at (804) 299-5100.

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Our Bon Air Property Management Services

Our property management services at Keyrenter Property Management Richmond are guaranteed to save you money every step of the way. They are made to be adaptable and customized to the particular requirements of the property owner.

Some of the property management services we offer are the ones listed below:

Leasing and Marketing

Rental evaluation of your units or property is the first stage in the marketing process. We will do an industry study using our expertise to help you get the most return on your investment.

From there we will highlight the main features of your property and our staff will take photographs and create a virtual tour. In order to improve the exposure of your property to potential buyers, we will also be in charge of holding open houses and posting “for rent” signs.

At Keyrenter Property Management Richmond, we will also help your craft a detailed lease agreement to ensure that your property and financial assets are protected.

Tenant Screening

Keyrenter Property Management Richmond doesn’t just rent to the first person who submits an application. We take time to evaluate potential renters to ensure that they’re qualified. We look for renters who will sign long-term leases, take good care of your rental home, keep us informed of any maintenance issues, and, most importantly, pay their rent on time.

We can handle any landlord-tenant concerns because we have a rigorous screening process. We normally look for four main criteria while screening prospective tenants. The possible tenant’s income, creditworthiness, rental history, and criminal past are all included in this data.

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Due to our years of experience, use of cutting-edge technologies, and comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate laws, we can perform a comprehensive tenant screening process. What’s more, we have been able to considerably lower our tenant turnover rates as a result of our thorough strategy.

Rent Collection and Pricing

Setting a fair and accurate rental price requires a lot of consideration of your local real estate market. You need to know:

  • How are other property owners leasing theirs?
  • Are they comparable to yours?
  • What’s the state of the local economy?

These are factors that the team at Keyrenter Property Management Richmond considers before advising you on how much you should lease your property. Our goal is to set a rent rate that helps you maximize your rental income while remaining competitive in the market.

What’s more, Keyrenter Property Management Richmond makes use of a seamless collection process. We use digital payment options that enable us to rapidly and easily process rent payments. In the event of defaulters or late payments, our team will enforce the terms of the lease agreement and collect any late fees on your behalf.

Record-keeping and Accounting

We keep our clients informed about the financial standing of their homes. We’ll give you regular updates on the property’s finances, rental rates, marketing, and upkeep.

Among the financial reports to anticipate are an accounts payable report, a general ledger, a copy of the monthly bank statements with reconciliations, an income and expense statement, and a balance sheet.

We take great pride at Keyrenter Property Management Richmond in our ability to offer comprehensive reports. This helps you better plan for any future investments.

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Property Maintenance

Keyrenter Property Management Richmond employs a routine inspection schedule to guarantee that your property is always in the finest possible condition. We are able to check the property for flaws and put the right maintenance strategy into place.

Our internal team of contractors will take care of all maintenance issues. Local contractors in the region handle problems that need a more skilled touch. Their caliber of work has been vetted in advance.

The advantages of having a well-kept rental property are numerous. A property with good upkeep has a longer lifespan which results in lower maintenance costs over time. Your tenants will also value living in such a well-cared-for space.

Living In Bon Air, Virginia

A quiet alternative to the urban landscape of Richmond is the lovely suburb of Bon Air. Situated in Chesterfield County, Bon Air is one of the best suburbs in the state to live in. It offers residents peace, serenity, and a breath of fresh air.

The suburb is also known for its diversity and welcoming culture. New households and individuals find it easy to be a part of the community here. Bon Air is known for its quality public schools. Households are assured that their children will receive a comprehensive education when they move to the area.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas we serve:

We at Keyrenter Property Management Richmond proudly serve the following areas in Virginia: Richmond, Hanover, Mechanicsville, Manchester, Tuckahoe, Wyndham, Henrico CountyChesterfield County, Bon Air, Henrico, Midlothian, Church HillWyndham, Lakeside, Innsbrook, Sandston, Varina, Glen Allen, Short Pump, and West End.