Landlords have a number of responsibilities they must follow in order to maintain their property, while also ensuring their tenants are happy, safe, and protected. Performing certain preventative maintenance duties on a regular basis can limit risk to the property, and increase tenant satisfaction. Here are some rental property must-do’s for landlord owners:

  • Perform Monthly Inspections

While no one expects a property owner to do intense inspections each month, it is beneficial to at least perform a drive-by of the property. A visual walkthrough will allow property owners to see if there are issues with rodents and pests. Talk to the tenant to make sure they are not dealing with any pest problems. If they are, take immediate action to rectify the situation before it does become worse.

  • Water Damage Restoration and Repair

Another way to ensure your property is protected is to check for water damage and leaks. Water can be a major issue for property owners as it does immediately cause issues to the property, and without being fixed, can lead to serious financial issues. Water causes health concerns in addition to structural damage and property loss. The best time to identify a water issue is soon after a rainstorm. Hot and humid days also lead to concerns with water as the pipes can sweat, leading to a drip that causes problems.

  • Examine Appliances to Reduce Maintenance Costs

When you perform an inspection of the property, look for signs of wear and tear on the appliances. Doing some basic cleaning and work on the appliances can help them to remain functioning longer, preventing the need for an expensive repair or replacement in the near future.

  • Check Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Monitors

A landlord has a responsibility to their tenants to ensure they are safe. One aspect of being a good landlord is to go through the property and check on the smoke alarms. Change the batteries and test the alarms to ensure they will alert if there is smoke. Carbon monoxide detectors are another smart investment to help keep the property safe and secure against serious health risks. Failure to have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors in the home could cause a lawsuit if there ever is a problem that arises.

  • Regular HVAC Maintenance

To ensure the property has a fully-functioning HVAC system, hire professionals to perform regular maintenance services. Preventative maintenance with an HVAC system will help it run longer, and will ensure it works efficiently. Failure to change something as smile as the air filter will place additional stress and strain on the motor of the heater and air conditioning system. Without proper maintenance, the entire system could wear out sooner, causing you to replace it earlier than originally needed.

  • Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

A good property management company will perform maintenance tasks around the property to ensure it holds its value, and stays protected against the elements. The gutters and downspouts are one area of the home that tend to be vulnerable to serious water issues. Leaves and other debris can easily clog the gutters, leading to water dripping down the sides of the property and into the basement. Water left to soak within the gutters and near the edge of the roof will cause the shingles to wear out sooner, and can start leaking into the attic. The water in a gutter will find a way to the window, siding, and just about anywhere. Gutter guards are a smart investment for property owners seeking to limit problems with the gutters doing their job effectively.

Preventative maintenance is critical when it comes to saving money on the property, and ensuring it is in good condition for the tenants. Keyrenter Property Management in Richmond, VA, is here to provide landlords with effective, quality property management to ensure the property holds its value, and doesn’t become a money pit of repair costs.