Are you planning to rent out your home? Whether you are renting out the entire home, or part of the home, there are several things that must be done in order to meet rental regulations and requirements. However, one of the most important elements in renting your home is making sure you are finding the right applicants. Keyrenter Property Management in Richmond, VA, is here to provide you with a list of the easiest ways to find applicants.

Listing on Rental Websites

One of the first places to start is to list your property on local rental websites. There are numerous places where you can list your property for rent including:
Zillow Rental Manager – You can post a free ad when you sign up with an account.
Local Newspapers and Media – Most local news companies will include a classifieds and real estate section where you can pay to post your listing.
Craigslist – Going back to Craigslist is a great way to post a listing for people in a specific area. However, based on other sites, the quality of tenants on Craigslist is not quite as high-quality as found on other sites.

Use Social Media

In a digital world, one of the best places to list your home for rent is on social media. Social media sites often allow free postings, and you can share them with everyone you know while encouraging others to share the post as well. Word-of-mouth spreads quickly on social media, making it easy to find the right people to rent your home.


Another important way to advertise the home for rent is by placing a sign in front of it. A simple yard sign might not seem impressive, but it gets the job done! People will notice the sign, and it quickly attracts tenants due to word of mouth.

While these tips will assist in getting the information out there to others, it pays to put in some time to create a proper listing. Investing in quality pictures, using the right language, and posting your ads at the right time can attract a different group of potential tenants. Here are some things you need to ad in order to bring in the right tenants:
Include the price
Be specific about what is included
Include a map and directions
Use the right keywords
Use high quality pictures

Use a Strong Rental Application

In order to find people that can rent your home, it is important to have a strong rental application to screen out the people that do not meet qualifications. Rental applications need to include the same questions for everyone to ensure they are treated fairly. Tenant screening helps to reduce the risk of renting to an individual with a serious criminal history, or sex offender who you feel could place others at-risk. Whenever you are dealing with rental property, it is important to understand the Fair Housing Act, and to adhere to the law.

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