There are many aspects to property management. Carefully handling these aspects can help to increase the overall success of your business. Whether you are a property manager or DIY landlord, taking advantage of software and vendors can help you to create the ideal strategies for your company.


In order for a rental property to turn a profit, it must have good-quality tenants. This can minimize vacancies and the expenses associated with eviction. TenantTurner helps to generate leads and schedule showings for your rental property. It is lead management software that allows you to develop standardized lead pre-qualifications. This is important to ensure that you remain in compliance with Fair Housing standards. Additionally, TenantTurner helps to automate an array of processes, including follow ups, scheduling, confirming appointments, canceling appointments, and collecting feedback after every viewing.


Once you have generated potential leads, actually completing the sales process will ensure a steady income. LeadSimple helps to automate the sales process. The advanced software allows you to track communication as well as determine how successful the automated sales process is. This can save you and your employees a significant amount of time and stress.


When your tenants have signed their initial lease, it is important to keep them satisfied. Implementing the right technology can help you to streamline a large array of processes. These processes can make your tasks much easier, as well as keep your tenants happier. Appfolio can help to automate maintenance requests, as well as accounting, vacancy posting, rental applications, online leases, online payments, holding deposits, and many more processes.


Maintenance is often one of the largest expenses associated with managing a rental property. Abodea helps to handle maintenance processes and minimize maintenance expenses. The company’s procedures can be designed to follow your policies exactly. Additionally, Abodea functions around the clock to ensure that your properties can receive the maintenance they need as soon as they need it.

All of these software and vendors have gone a long way toward helping us grow our property management company. Implementing these technologies can significantly help to minimize your stress and make it much simpler to manage your rental properties. To learn more about how the appropriate software can benefit your business, contact us at the Keyrenter in Richmond today.